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9 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me | Pensacola Wedding Photographer | Ps Cobia Photography

July 17, 2019

I'm a natural light photographer who enjoys capturing love stories all over the world—but  Pensacola, Florida is where I call home with my husband and two young children. 


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pensacola photographer ps cobia-3

Photo: Candace Smith

Yes, I am a wedding and portrait photographer who is obsessed with national parks, traveling, and is married with child – but what else? There has got to be more to this filipino chick who likes to takes photos. So here are a few tid bits that you may, or may not have known about me, Pevee Cobia.


1| OCD

I’m that girl that has a label maker and can’t go on a trip without cleaning the bathroom. I wake up and immediately fix the bed and I seriously feel like I get a high off of buying organization supplies and planners. I’m that person that HAS to make lists to get anything accomplished and I’ve got a post it pad and pen next to my bed at all times. Just call me Monica Gellar.

2| I am a LOSER

I know, ironically – I am an organized LOSER! I seriously lose the simplest things like keys, wallet, ID’s, lens caps (why do I ALWAYS lose these?!) and I even almost lost my passport at the airport. Yeah, I drive my husband crazy because of this.


I’ve probably watch the show “Friends” about 20x all the way through + some random episodes here and there (Hence the Monica comment above). It is that show I have in the background and watch to cheer me up when I’m having a low day.

Image result for friends show


Sneezing, watery itchy eyes, and straight snot. They say it’s seasonal allergies, but is it really seasonal when it’s every freaking morning?! I take an Allegra just about every day and love using the netty pot. (Call it gross, I call it a cleanse).


This right here, is a serious BUMMER. This allergy didn’t hit till I was 24. I recall drinking my 3rd glass of wine and my sinuses went haywire. I could. not. stop. sneezing. And the waitress couldn’t come fast enough with more napkins for me to embarrassingly blow my nose constantly at the dinner table. But now, does this allergy stop me from having a glass of wine every now and then? NOPE. I just limit it to two glasses then call it quits. Just have the tissue ready for me.

wedding banner

6| Military Brat

Philippines, California, Virginia, Pensacola, & Guam are the places my family has been stationed. Even though I was young, being able to travel at that age was such a cool experience. I think it was what revved up my thirst for travel and adventure. Also, I still keep in touch some of the friends I’ve made over the years and how cool is it having friends all over the world?

7| I HATE scary movies 

Y’all. I can’t do it. It all started with Chuckie at the age of 5. Since then, I’ve pictured Chuckie chasing me as I sprint up the stairs leaving the freaky doll into the dark abyss. And anytime I try to watch them, I’m terrified to be by myself for weeks. So yeah, totally not worth it – give me a romcom and I’ll be your best friend.

8| Youngest of 3

You know that trait that the youngest typically has? What is it called? Spoiled? Spoiled brat? Yeah. That’s (was) me. When I was younger, my older brother and sister would have contests on who could make cry first. Because I cried ALL the time, I swear I just did it to hear my brother and sister get yelled at by my parents. Oh that sibling love.

9| I am a recent bride

I got married to my sweet husband, Caleb, in 2016 at friends home on the bay. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception with the sunset peeking through the oak trees and spanish moss. To get this to work out, we went through the WHOLE SHABANG. Wedding planner, florists, rentals & fancy porta potty (yes it was needed!) to name a few. So I am quite familiar with the process and hoops you have to jump to make your wedding day everything you want it to be.


Photo: Jessi Fields Photography


So yup! That is me in a nutshell. I’ve left out a TON more facts and if you have any other questions, leave me some love below and I’ll answer them in another super fun, “about me” blog!

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  1. Amariegull says:

    Have you ever left allergy tissues on your friends pillow for her to roll onto in the morning? -asking for a friend 😅😘

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