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Hotel Peter and Paul Wedding


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A beautiful and ethereal New Orleans wedding featuring a bridal designer.

Indian American Wedding
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Indian American Wedding | The Burch House


Liz and Prakey are a beautiful Indian-American couple who live in Atlanta who decided to exchange vows in Liz’s hometown at The Burch House in Pace, FL. And as a photographer, there are moments in your career where you question who are your ideal clients. Who can we serve and be the best match? And […]

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The Mill at Fine Creek Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer | Ps Cobia Photography


Tara + Cameron | The Mill at Fine Creek | Richmond, VA This year has been wild for everyone. And well, for Cameron and Tara – these past 2 years have been a whirlwind! They were originally supposed to get married in Florida in 2018, but due to job opportunities and a big move – they […]

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Carillon Meeting House Wedding | Ashley + Scott


In the world of 2020, convenience is key! That is why you will see that many couples are choosing venues that are a one-stop shop. What does that mean exactly? It means that they simply book one venue for their ceremony, cocktail hour, AND reception. Why? There is a shorter or minimal commute, a seamless […]

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Classic Pensacola Wedding | Katherine + Michael


Katherine + Michael | February 1, 2020 | Pensacola, FL Can you believe it? It is 2020. And over the years of wedding fashion, there has been a TON. Remember the poofy sleeves of the ’80s? And I think during the 2000’s they got tired of the fluff and ditched them all in general with […]

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9 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me | Pensacola Wedding Photographer | Ps Cobia Photography


  Yes, I am a wedding and portrait photographer who is obsessed with national parks, traveling, and is married with child – but what else? There has got to be more to this filipino chick who likes to takes photos. So here are a few tid bits that you may, or may not have known […]